• Form a team of 3 people (all of you have to do is apply)! One person applies a team. 
  • Accept Unilever challenge and send a draft of the solution via email between January 19th and February 5th, 2021.
  • Get the chance to win 3 smartwatches and boxes of Unilever products during our local on-line finale and an opportunity to participate in the next round. The winning team also skips the first stages of recruitment for Unilever Future Leaders Program!
    1st place: 3 smartwatches, skipping the first stages of recruitment for UFLP
    2nd  place: 3 wireless headphones
    Each participant in the final will receive a box with Unilever products!
  • Winners of regional round for East Europe will participate in global finale.
  • You can be the hero we need. Join today and shape a better tomorrow!
  • First insights into Unilever
  • Possibly life changing experience
  • Opportunity to challenge yourself
  • Real business experience
  • Meaningful networking
  • World-class training
  • International exposure
  • Meaningful impact to Unilever’s business and society
  • Apply between January 19th and February 5th, 2021 - Submit 1-2 slides of presentation in PDF (only draft of the solution)
  • On February 1st join live event on Facebook with our managers for Q&A session.
  • Check the winning teams on February 10th, 2021
  • Meet the board on-line and present your final solutions on February 24th, 2021
    Each Team will be given 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for Questions & Answers.
  • Learn who is the Polish&Baltics local round winner that will represent us at the EE level on March 3rd!
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Body Positive Girls
Noita Chicas
Unique Creators
What is Unilever FLL?
Unilever FLL stands for Unilever Future Leaders’ League, which is a business case competition that brings together students from all over the world who want to experience the future of leadership in an evolving fast-paced business world. By joining Unilever FLL, you will have the chance to work with real brands on real business cases, and learn from the best in the industry.
Can I apply from any university?
Applicants from any local university may apply.
Can I join the competition if I am graduating in this academic year?
Yes, all local undergraduates at the point of registration are eligible to join. 
What is the next step after preliminary round?
5 teams of three will be shortlisted after the preliminary round. Shortlisted teams will get a chance to present their solutions and ideas on February 24th, 2021 on-line. 
What is the selection criteria?
The qualities we are looking out for are outlined in the preliminary case.
What are the prizes?
Unilever FLL Poland&Baltics champions will participate in the EE FLL on the first week of March 2021, then EE round champions will take part in global final, where they will meet top Unilever leaders, and compete to win the grand FLL prize. The local champions will also be fast-tracked to UFLP final selection round (for final year students). On top of this, they will receive coaching and mentoring from Unilever senior leaders and win other attractive prizes (smartwatches, wireless headphones, boxes with Unilever products)!
Will everything happen online this year?
Yes, everything will happen online this year. You can take part in the contest without leaving your home. 
Will my participation in the competition have any consequence in terms of employability by Unilever?
Unilever FLL is a good platform for networking and we would like to stay in touch with talent who are interested in a career at Unilever. Taking part in Unilever FLL is a good way to gain insights about the company but does not substitute any official application process. In the event that you are not selected through Unilever FLL, you can still apply for a career in Unilever.
What happens if I cannot attend the Local/EE Finals?
Participation at the Local and EE Finals must be in person. Participants unable to attend either of the Finals will not be eligible. All stages will be held on-line this year.
What are the tasks at Unilever FLL like?
At Unilever FLL you will be provided with business case studies and will be asked to prepare presentations on our business. Participants from all academic disciplines are welcome to join, but you will need to apply basic understanding of business areas (e.g. Marketing and Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Business Strategy) when working on the business case.
Do we need time to prepare for each of the stages?
As the Local Rounds and EE Finals will have different case questions to be tackled, you will have to prepare prior to the presentations. More details will be provided at each stage.